Celebrating 10 years of Creative Leicestershire

Did you know we’ve been here 10 years? In celebration of the last decade we are introducing a new blog, our Creative Leicestershire film and we’ve put together a selection of case studies from the wealth of creative talent we’ve had the pleasure of working with since we began.

Creative leicestershire is ten : featuring Rob Gee

Making Your Website Work For You

Marketing Yourself: Part Six

Here lies the minefield that is search engine optimisation (SEO). I like to think of the Google spider, crawling over everyone’s websites and reporting back to HQ on who’s not maximising their Google analytics. I imagine this spider wearing black shades and a sneer, making notes on a tiny recording device and reporting back to a cat-stroking Godfather back at Google towers. I digress. 

It’s essential to use SEO analytics to make informed decisions concerning your website content. As Patrick Welsh, Marketing Manager for Phoenix Arts says:

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