Celebrating 10 years of Creative Leicestershire

Did you know we’ve been here 10 years? In celebration of the last decade we are introducing a new blog, our Creative Leicestershire film and we’ve put together a selection of case studies from the wealth of creative talent we’ve had the pleasure of working with since we began.

Creative leicestershire is ten : featuring Rob Gee

Match Making

Workspaces and Collaboration: Part 4.

The last blog looked at a few recent collaborations between art and Leicestershire’s mental health services (and may I say LPT are continuingly proving themselves to be pioneers in this sense). Another example of art meets health is Forget Me Not, performance poet Rob Gee’s whodunit set on an Alzheimers ward…

When you work as an artist, it’s helpful to identify your unique selling point and then shamelessly exploit it!”

admits Rob. “Mine is a nursing background in mental health, which has catapulted…

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