Celebrating 10 years of Creative Leicestershire

Did you know we’ve been here 10 years? In celebration of the last decade we are introducing a new blog, our Creative Leicestershire film and we’ve put together a selection of case studies from the wealth of creative talent we’ve had the pleasure of working with since we began.

Creative leicestershire is ten : featuring Rob Gee

The dreaded application form…

Funding and Fundraising: Part Six

So you’ve found the right organisation and avenue for your brand and project. You’ve done your research into the compelling reasons which someone SHOULD invest in you and your idea. You’re pumped with more confidence and self-belief than Kayne West at a Grammys ceremony. Now you’ve got to fill out the application form….

First, spare a thought for the reader. These guys receive hundreds, if not thousands (I dread to think of the Arts Council England’s in-tray) of applications and they are only human. They need to connect with your application instantly…

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